All our clients get an outstanding service provided by people who are passionate and committed to what they do; combine this with a desire to enjoy life along the way – and the result forms strong, long-term client relationships and excellent value for money. Ainsleys may occasionally be beaten on price but, we believe, this is at the expense of quality and depth of service. Others propose lower fees on the basis of doing less or taking short cuts on service.

We are only interested in providing a first class service and a totally professional approach to any project. We want to offer a positive and worthwhile contribution and not just “make up the numbers”.

We believe we can bring a great deal of ‘added value’ to a project. We want Clients and fellow members of the the Project Team to view us as an asset – and not just another “cost” to the project

Research has shown that for every pound you spend on a good Quantity Surveyor – you will receive at least £6-10 back in value added and/or savings.

We do not believe there should simply be a “zero return” for employing Ainsley & Partners.

From the outset, we will report and advise you on your proposed project and how this compares to your declared budget. You will be kept fully informed as to whether the project is forecast “on budget” or whether designs and aspirations have to be value engineered to ensure they are developed within the available budget.

Early warning and good advice allows key decisions to be taken at the appropriate time and avoids dispute, compromise and a dissatisfied client at the end of a project.

Not all practices are the same. The best developers always rely on their favoured Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors. This is why they only work with their favoured partners. There is not a common service provided by all.

Some Quantity Surveyors are just cost reporters – we are cost managers

To be good you have to have experience in the sector in which you work.

Good advice is the key to our success and gives us the edge over our competitors.

“ There is no secret as to why we use Ainsleys, they deliver!”

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